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  • Site Remediation
    – Environmental remediation study

    – Site remediation and waste removal for orphan sites or sites in cessation of activity
  • Decontamination
    – Contamination diagnosis (mapping of the contaminants, decontamination protocol…)

           – Decontamination of chemical laboratories and R&D centres
           – Discharge and decontamination of pipeline networks containing heat transfer salts

  • Gas process

–  Discharge, degasification and intertisation of gas tanks on customer site

–  Management of gas processes

  • Specific chemical intervention
    – Emergency Response

– Inventory of radioactive waste stored on site and proposal of a disposal solution

– Protection procedures for nitrocellulose after a fire, packaging for transboundary movement to France

          – Intervention on a tank with bromine leakage

          -Securing and repackaging of reactive products


  • Decontamination
    – Contamination diagnosis

    – Set up of decontamination protocol for rooms contaminated with cadmium
    – Decontamination of laboratories contaminated with mercury
    – Decontamination of a production unit with cytotoxics 
    – HVAC system decontamination : scuttles, ducts…
  • Emergency response
    – Emergency response after a chemical spill in a R&D Laboratory


  • Technical studies and project management
  • Safety works
    – Coating of surfaces for the protection against potential spills of fuel, set up of a modular protection system
  • On-site remediation
    – Identification, sorting, packaging, transport and hazardous/non hazardous waste disposal, pumping, degasing, intering of tanks containing heavy fuel

    – Safeguarind and repackaging of reactive products
  • Decontamination
    – Decontamination of R&D laboratories
  • Gas process management
    Removal, degasification, inertisation of tanks containing ammonia gas



  • Technical studies and project management
  • Decontamination
    – Decontamination  of tanks from treatment surface process

    – Decontamination of cleanrooms, storage area, production equipement
    – Decontamination and disposal of equipement contaminated with arsenic
  • Specific intervention
    – Securing and repackaging of reactive products



  • Decontamination
    – Decontamination of a vane pump presenting a biological hazard

    – Decontamination of hoods
  • Chemical emergency response
  • Specific chemical intervention
    – Identification, sorting out, transport and disposal of laboratories chemical products

    – Transport and disposal of chemical hazardous products (ie. picric acid)
    – Transfer and repackaging of chemical products


  • Contamination and remediation study
  • Identification, sorting out, repackaging, transport and diposal of military waste
  • Intervention on a tank for the repackaging of chlorosulfonic acid