Management of chemical, pharmaceutical or R&D Centres dismantling

Transfer, incident, suspension of activity…CURIUM can provide you support to manage the dismantling of your production units, equipment, or laboratories.

Trained and skilled in chemical and asbestos risks management, radiological protection control, our engineers and technicians commit themselves for :

  • Site Safety by taking into account the different risks: asbestos, chemical, biological, low radioactive, gas…presence.
  • The optimization of the work, thanks to appropriate management solutions
  • Management and removal (including repackaging and transport) of your hazardous products, in respect to the regulations in force
Focus on mercury:

International Regulations limit the use of mercury (Minamata Convention) to protect human being and the environment.

Today the chlor-alkali industry commits itself to begin the closure or conversion of mercury electrolysis before end of 2025.

CURIUM support you for a safe dismantling project management.

Management of multi-risks projects (radiological and chemical)

This management is completed for Basic Nuclear Installations, ICPE or orphan sites concerned by environmental pollution with chemical or radioactive waste (natural or artificial). Curium provides you support to complete management of the safety operations.

The choice of the management solution takes into account the :

-Chemical and radiological products identification

-Chemical compatibility between products

-Regulation in law, technical and societal context

-Hazardous and radioactive waste specifications

-In situ treatment solutions to be in compliance with the specifications of the existing treatment facilities

-Specifications for packaging and transport

-Storage Management

-Radioactive Decrease Management

The whole specific skills of CURIUM are applicable to the radiological sector.