Mercury is considered by WHO as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern. Both high level/short term and low level/long term exposures can lead to serious health problems.

Elemental mercury is toxic primarily through inhalation of mercury vapours. It is only slowly absorbed through the skin, although it may cause skin and eye irritation. Elemental mercury droplets may be absorbed through eye contact.

Average Value of Exposure = 20μg/m3 (Daily exposure value, standardized for a 8-hour reference period).

Mercury can be present in various equipment, laboratory rooms, furniture, HVAC system…

A diagnosis is then crucial.

CURIUM proposes different expertise to help you to manage these hazards in your laboratories, production units, R&D centres…

Mercury Contamination Diagnosis

The contamination diagnosis is the main essential step before the start-up of the works. It allow to map mercury gas and surface (Hg0 and mercury salt) quantity, in order to determine the most appropriate decontamination methods. It includes:

  • Evaluation of the contamination facilities, ducts, HVAC and extraction systems
  • Specific decontamination process appropriate for mercury
  • Decontamination validation protocol in the facilities, ducts…
Emergency Response Services

Our team of chemical experts intervenes in case of spill, accident…

Our intervention places: Educational institutions, R&D centres, laboratories, chemical industry…

Our methods:

  • Securing the area
  • Contamination diagnosis
  • Aspiration of the liquid mercury
  • Neutralization
  • Decontamination control via mobile measurement equipment
  • Reporting and decontamination certificate

Our equipment:

  • Mobile measurement equipment
  • Collective and Individual Protection Equipment
  • Mercury aspiration, neutralization methods

In addition, in case of mercury waste stream, CURIUM manages for you the repackaging, transport and disposal.

Compliance to Mercury Regulation

International Regulations limit the use of mercury (Minamata Convention) to protect human being and the environment. Today the chlor-alkali industry commits itself to begin the closure or conversion of mercury electrolysis before end of 2025.

CURIUM: A technical support for your dismantling project:

Chlor-alkali industrial company, you have to dismantle your mercury electrolysis and you need a technical support?


CURIUM maps your contamination and manage the electrolysis dismantling.

The management is completed according to your specifications and includes :

  • The contamination diagnosis
  • Selection and management of subcontracting companies
  • Liquid mercury repackaging, transport and disposal
Mercury Waste Disposal

Mercury Waste Disposal

In relation with the different European treatment facility, CURIUM accompanies you for the management of your liquid mercury waste in respect of the international regulation in law.

The offered services are:

  • Set up of the transboundary movement notification dossier
  • Appropriate repackaging in respect of the ADR and IMDG regulation
  • Preparation for the transport and follow-up
  • Administrative follow up (Documents of movement…)

Liquid mercury waste stream will be stabilized and sent in a Salt mine.