Studies and Diagnosis

Our team of engineers can provide you support to decontamination, depollution, gas processes, and nuclear activities projects, in respect to your specifications.

Consulting and turnkey technical studies
  • Inventory of hazardous, chemical and/or radiological products
  • Diagnostics and risks prioritising
  • Support for drafting of specifications for tenders
  • Recommendations for the management of chemical and radioactive waste (storage, disposal, recovery)
  • Design of waste pretreatment processes
  • HAZOP – risks analysis
  • Radiological protection control
Field activities
  • Operations on orphan sites, Environmentally-sensitive sites (ICPE), Basic Nuclear Installations
  • Operations on sites without any information on their processes or products
  • Operations in electronuclear and non-electronuclear facilities
  • Remediation and Dismantling
  • Operations on sites involving natural and artificial radioactivity
Treated pollutants
  • Gaseous, liquid, and solid hazardous products
  • Products with natural and artificial radioactivity
  • Oxidising, flammable, toxic, corrosive, explosive, infectious, radial, hydro-reactive, auto-reactive products
Contamination diagnostics

CURIUM offers to complete a diagnostics in order to identify the contaminants present in your cleanrooms, laboratories, R&D centers, etc. The diagnostics enables us to make adapted recommendations before the start of the works.

The method used for the diagnostics of the contamination is as follows:

The diagnostics includes:
  1. A mapping of the contaminants

  2. An intervention plan respecting the standard procedures

  3. An optimized decontamination plan thanks to the mapping

  4. A detailed validation plan, determined according to the acceptable contamination thresholds