For a few years now, CURIUM has been establishing partnerships to broaden our range of expertise. The network of partners allows CURIUM to increase the company’s international presence.

comprei 2

comprei – The cleanroom expert is a leading company in the field of cleanroom training, cleaning and equipment trading in the German-speaking countries. Every day, comprei’s employees clean more than 150 cleanrooms. In addition, around 500 people are trained each year for cleanroom operations. comprei positions itself as a pioneer in the use and development of efficient and effective cleaning techniques, as well as a high-quality training company for certified and accredited cleanroom staff.

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Orbital Pharma is a group formed by Spanish companies specialized in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Their expertise concerns:

  • GMPs Audit
  • Certification of installation
  • Calibration of measuring equipment
  • Construction of clean rooms, HVAC and other equipment
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Jobbing is one of our Italian partners. They work with CURIUM on decontamination projects in Italy.

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TechnoOne shares their know-how in the decontamination of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems).


Founded over 40 years ago, Enva has grown steadily to become Ireland’s leading Hazardous Waste, Water Services and Analytical Services provider. The highly experienced team of engineers, operatives and scientists operate across Ireland.

Our facility in Shannon has been operating since 1985, and is the leading EPA licensed hazardous waste treatment facility in Ireland. This facility operates as both a physico-chemical treatment plant and a transfer station. It accepts 34,000 Tonnes of hazardous waste per annum, all wastes are tracked by a custom-built system (potential to increase license tonnage exists). Enva Hazardous Waste employs Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors to ensure compliance with ADR and IMDG requirements, and a variety of technically qualified experienced staff to process and understand waste, such as CURIUM’s team.


  • Physical-chemical treatment (precipitation, oxidation, neurtalisation, etc.)
  • Aqueous Organic Waste Treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • New Technology Developments
  • IBC/drum washing and shredding
  • Laboratory smalls disposal
  • Provision of personnel for customer site work
  • Exporting of waste to European partners via Transfrontier Shipments (TFS)…

Licences : 4 EPA licenced facilities, 2 NIEA licenced facilities, and 2 INAB approved laboratories Reg. Scope 185 T.

Certifications : ISO 9011, ISO 14 001, OHSAS 18 001


Adler & Allan is located in the UK. The company is working in oil and environmental services, especially for the petrochemical industry. CURIUM offers its expertise in the management of decontamination and emergency response projects.

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With its partner PRODECON, CURIUM delivers a comprehensive site decontamination service for refining equipment to ensure safer, faster turnarounds according to customer specifications.

This specific offer dedicated to Oil&Gas includes :

  • Contamination diagnosis and project management
  • Decontamination of refining units
  • Fin Fan Cleaning
  • Cleaning of a variety of equipment (Ducting, air treatment units and dust collectors, furniture, crude oil distillation units…)

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