Emergency Response Unit

In case of incidents/accidents of chemical products, our experts intervene as soon as possible and manage the entire operations, from people and goods protection to the transport and treatment of hazardous products, in respect of the regulation in force (ADR, IMDG, Basel Convention, and European EU1013/2006).

After cooperation with the rescue services, they determine safety area to secure people and goods. They also use the appropriate equipment and methods to ensure an optimal risks management:

Some examples of hazardous products:
bromine, mercury, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid…
Our services include:
  1. Safety material

  2. Conform and appropriate package

  3. Vehicles of intervention

  4. Waste collection

  5. A crisis centre

Our references:

Stand-by for BROMAID 24/7

(European bromine transportation safety) Neutralization of bromine vapour by hydrogen nitride Neutralization and retention container via mineral basis Customer activity: Bromine producer.