On-site Remediation for hazardous waste management

Remediation of industrial sites includes:

  • Management and control of safety on site
  • Draining and neutralization of process equipment
  • Waste sorting out, identification and packaging
  • Transport
  • Recovery and/or disposal via appropriate treatment solutions in respect to the regulations in force (Basel Convention and EU1013/2006)

After a detailed study on the nature of the chemical products on site, CURIUM set up a team in situ responsible for the management of the whole project.


The completion and follow-up of the depollution projects is managed by a team of skilled and trained technicians, expert in the management of chemical risks.

They ensure:

  • The package of waste conform to the regulations in law (ADR, IMDG…) and to the specifications of each treatment facilities
  • Reporting
  • Control and costs optimization
  • Filling of the documents of movement and traceability
  • Set up of the transboundary movement notification dossier in respect to the international regulations in force (Basel Convention, EU1013/2006)
The type of products that we can manage on site:
  • Oxidising, flammable, toxic, corrosive, explosive, infectious, radial, hydro reactive, autoreactive products…
Logistic and administrative management:
  • Transport preparation, support for stuffing (ADR, IMDG)
  • Set up of the document of movement and traceability
  • Set up of transboundary movement notification in respect to the international laws
  • Reporting
  • Costs control and optimization
  • Schedule Management
Our fields of activity:
  • Industrial sites without any information on their process or products
  • Gas discharge
  • Transfer of gaseous phase and liquefied phases on site or during emergency intervention
  • Inerting and gas out valve of installation
  • Recovery/Disposal of products thanks to the appropriate treatment facilities
Our references:

Draining and inertisation of a tank and of a network containing very odorant mercaptans

Draining and inertisation of a tank and of a network containing very odorant mercaptans, located in a urban area close to an international airport Study of the process Set up of a discharge workshop with an air treatment system Waste repackaging conform to the ADR Inertisation of the installation Preparation for transport Customer activity: production…