Decontamination Services

Decontamination is an operation to extract, neutralize, remove or destroy any harmful substances from a surface, liquid or environment.

After a complete diagnostics, our chemical engineers support you during the decontamination works.

Our methods of intervention commit themselves to act by prioritising the safety during the whole works and to respect the continuity of the customer production units:

Our intervention areas:

Equipment and/or contaminated rooms (process equipment, HVAC System, production units…)

Our intervention areas:
  • Appropriate equipment to contaminants and to the facilities to decontaminate
  • Confinement of the working area
  • Skilled and trained staff
  • Collective Protective Equipment and PPE


In order to prevent from all contamination risks, CURIUM offers services allowing to guarantee the longevity of your production units, HVAC system…

  • Periodic decontamination activities
  • Scheduled inspections realization
  • Coating of the elements of the HVAC system with an antibacterial, anti-moulds and anticorrosive products
  • Photocatalytic disinfection of equipment
  • Supply of adapted intervention kits
Our analysis methods :
  • Xray fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Mercury vapour analyzer
  • UV Light
  • Endoscopy
Physical aspects treated:
The high risks contaminants treated:
  • Carcinogens, mutagens, reprotoxics, toxics,
  • Highly reactive compounds (explosive dust, ammonia) and allergenic compounds,
  • Radiological components (low activity),
  • Hazardous bacteria, moulds, spores (staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus, clostridium), infectious protein (prion).
Our references

Studies and decontamination works.

Decontamination of the HVAC system, of dust collectors and associated ductwork of production equipment and complete cleaning of rooms. Partly Dismantling of HVAC system Customer activity: pharma industry 1, 7 km of decontaminated surfaces (including ducts from the HVAC system, drippings and exhausters) More than 3 600 working hours Type of contamination: active substance (API)